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E-Commerce Website designing Services

What is E-Commerce Website

If you plan to offer a range of products / services online and take reviews of each bought units, an E-commerce website is an inevitable requisite for you. And this all begins with an efficient and convenient ecommerce website design.

The colors, product presentation, discount and customer loyalty strategy should be present in such a manner to make it difficult for the potential customer to abandon the site without making a purchase. For many business owners, the main role of an E-Commerce website is providing an access to the visitors for navigating through the products and finding the ones they are looking for.

You are here, reading this. So, this probably cues that you already feel so, just wanted to reassure.

So here’s our methodology, the way we approach to designing ecommerce website.

Our Company’s Approach for E-Commerce Web Design

There is no dearth of players that have entered in the ecommerce and all have their own market share achieved by numerous hit-and-trials, but not without expert guidance. For creating an effective E-commerce website (like the ones you visited and admired), we ensure the integration of the below-mentioned features for selling your product like hot-cakes:

  • Custom designed
  • Optimized for handheld devices like mobile & tablet
  • Can accept Credit Cards and PayPal
  • Facilitates Search Engine Optimization, digital and social marketing efforts
  • Aid content management and Inventory-related data
  • Make the customized search of the products easy
  • Provide easy checkout from the page
  • Calculate live shipping rates
  • Highlight promotions and discounts
  • Make statistics analysis through Google Analytics and reporting easy
  • Integrate Lifetime Support
  • Payment Gateway integration

Our ecommerce website solutions offer the following features to the website:

  • Adding modules for Shipping of the product, loyalty programs and payment gateway.
  • Making it SEO Friendly, information rich, aesthetically rich.
  • Applying universal standards for robust browser and concrete analytics, MIS reporting's.
  • Including news, feeds product reviews, social bookmark and sharing features.
  • Introducing features for cross selling / Up selling.
  • Employing required interfaces for every expected business activity.
  • Integrating Google Maps, wishlist feature, shopping cart, etc. in the design.
  • Bringing in multi-language and multi-currency capability, if needed.

Benefits of E-commerce website

Our services for designing your ecommerce website are offered in a way to include the following benefits:

  • Provides an ease of online shopping
  • Prevents overhead expense for physical store location
  • Accessible 24x7 for customers
  • Expands your geographical and customer reach
  • Increases your sales and brand awareness
  • Enables automated collection of orders, payments and customer details

If you have something that would definitely make life of the target audience, you should go ahead with a professionally designed ecommerce site that can do justice with the products and expectation of the target customers. Meanwhile, you can consult with us if you face certain roadblocks in taking your products to the web marketplace.

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