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What is Press Release

While making official announcement in the form of press release, the task is to create an impressive document that can make a resonance so effective that it is well received by all those who need to read it. Writing a Press Release (PR) thus becomes a challenge for many organizations, those that are very particular about their brand image and the way their voice reaches the stakeholders and is then interpreted by them.

Our Company’s Approach for Press Release Writing

Focus of an official statement is more on the brand voice, just as it wants to appear in front of its audience across the geographical location. For this we undertake following methodology while delivering press release services:

  • Better acquainting with the brand voice
  • Taking the information that is to be written as PR
  • Collecting prior company literature (including previous PRs)
  • Studying the material in hand and preparing a draft
  • Writing, rewriting, editing to get the final copy
  • Proofreading the final draft to be sent to publishing on various PR sites
  • Submitting the PR and distributing it on the other platforms
  • Doing SEO and SMO as needed
  • Giving the report to the company

Benefits of Press Release

The benefits of hiring professional press release writing services could be summarized as follows:

  • Recognition
  • High online visibility
  • Increase site traffic
  • Increased inbound links
  • Enhanced perceived worth

PR writing is not for each and every kind of organization, but certainly beneficial for those who can take its advantage. To know if this strategy is meant for your kind of business or not, drop us a call; you would then be in the fair position to decide- to do or not to do.

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